Zoo Nannies

Where Animals Matter Most

Why Us?
Here at Zoo Nannies we believe that not every animal is the same and therefore every animal requires a different level of care even within the same household. Pet sitting allows us to individualize your pets care and help ensure you and your pet are getting the best service. We want the best for your pet because this is where animals matter most. 
We offer individualized care plans for each pet for whatever your needs may be. Are you going on vacation and don't want to board your pet? We can help. Do you have to work and need help pottying your dog or providing animal enrichment from day to day? We can help. We provide pet sitting, overnight pet sitting, dog walking, animal enrichment, and transportation for your pet to it's veterinarian . We are here to help you! We are currently serving the Fort Collins and Loveland areas.
When you support Zoo Nannies you support a local business and local families who are active in the community. We believe in giving back to our community so ask us about our low income sliding fees and our charitable donations to local animal shelters and organizations. Together we can make a difference.